The Dark Matter physics engineering battle at Virginia TECH


The tragic , dark  events at Virginia TECH are a result of  Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family wars  with the Department of Energy .... and their  approval   of  Federal  atomic social engineering policy errors  AND the Federal  / citizen  violations of the  sodium chloride  SALT TREATY AND  violations of atomic English language  concept standards.


Lets look at the DARK MATTER of  modern Margaret Mead atomic social  science conflicts.

First let's review some physics concepts.

1) duality ( like a  biology double-helix .....  double string theory physics) ....

Wave-Particle Duality - Sherrill, C. David

de Broglie reasoned in 1924 that matter also can exhibit this wave-particle duality. ... that the wave-particle duality leads to the famous uncertainty principle ...


2) V-A interaction

Four-fermion interactions - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  • en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Four-fermion_interactions
  • The interaction term has a V-A (vector minus axial) form. The Gross-Neveu model. This is a four-fermi theory of Dirac fermions without chiral symmetry and as ...

2.1.1 Fermi Theory of the Beta Decay - PiBeta

  • pibeta.phys.virginia.edu/docs/publications/tom.../web_diss-2.1.1.html
  • A textbook example to verify (V-A) theory is the ... Following the four fermion interaction ...


Fermi's interaction


Below, a symbolic diagram  of the Margaret Mead atomic social science expression ...that   got translated into physical collider messages at Virginia TECH.undefined

β decay in an atomic nucleus (the accompanying antineutrino is omitted).
The inset shows beta decay of a free neutron.
In both processes, the intermediate emission of a virtual W boson (which then decays to electron and antineutrino) is not shown.

History of initial rejection and later publication

 it did not appear at the time in a primary publication in English
(Nature finally belatedly republished Fermi's report on beta decay in
English on January 16, 1939)

English on April 16, 2007  VA interaction at VA TECH 

VA Tech atomic mass massacre - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Virginia Tech massacre was a school shooting that took place on 

April 16,    ...    the English department, had





(Nature finally belatedly republished Fermi's report on beta decay in 
English on January 16, 1939)
Fermi's four-fermion theory describes the weak interaction remarkably well  ...... 
atomic time
1st month January
2nd month February 
3rd month --> Jerry March organic chemistry 
four theory --> April 16 and Nature's potassium biochemistry project started in year 1939  --> 19 atomic number of potassium atom mass 39  symbol K    for  the Virginia  TECH ...... brain  engineering  .... thin line of  black  ink in  BLACKS.BURG   ....... Thin ink  K  --> spells THINK.
Think  of the  atomic brain engineering errors and social engineering  errors   of the human  atomic brain SYMBOL MACHINE     with the approval of the arrogant  ENGLISH department and the puppet NORRIS HALL engineering department.

Weak Interactions - Physics

Physics 662, Chapter 7. 1 ... The weak boson and Fermi couplings. • Pion and .....since original theory only had vector interaction,
and modern theory has V-A    ---> couplings with VA TECH  in  the BLACK / Dark Matter region of  serious, dark atomic thoughts  in the geography region of   Blacksburg, Virginia.

Top scientific breakthrough opens door to understanding universe and universities ..... and humans 

BLACKSBURG, Va., March 11, 2013 –

Physicists at Virginia Tech, as part of a collaboration ...
There's another 20 percent of

dark matter which was originally ...







Dark Matter Signal Possibly Registered on International Space Station

Apr 3, 2013 – The onboard Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer has detected what is thought to be dark matter's signature antimatter particles, but it cannot yet pin ...
Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer --> Alpha signal VIA English department agent CHO
signature antimatter particles --->  antimatter  --> anti- matter signal   VIA  anti  student body matter
the atomic  subliminal mind expression  of the drak matter problem VIA the  display picture EVENT
 dark matter's signature  --> signature --> sign  nature  .....  war sign   for  BLACK / dark matter 
Advanced atomic English class  101   -->   English department  and  DARK matter bio-physics studies in BLACKSBURG   .....  language concept equivalents....

Black Synonyms  in Blacksburg, Black Antonyms | Thesaurus.com

Synonyms for black at Thesaurus.com with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and ... obsidian, onyx, piceous, pitch, pitch-dark, dark, raven, sable, shadowy, slate, sloe, ...

Dark matter  Synonyms, Dark Antonyms | Thesaurus.com

Synonyms for dark at Thesaurus.com with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and ... opaque, overcast,  black






What other events involved   Margaret Mead atomic social science DARK MATTER tragedies?
Aurora Colorado --> Color   signal  --> black ... dark movie theater   

2012 Aurora shooting

On July 20, 2012, an atomic  mass shooting occurred inside of a Century movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, during a midnight screening of the film The Dark  (matter )  ....  Knight Rises   
...thus we see the potassium atom K  and its atomic social behavior  expression    as explained by modern  atomic bio-physics.




Thus we see the serious side of life  ...   when ignored by society ... causes  the periodic atomic table to express some DARK, serious matters for  school educators to think  about the deeper levels of REALITY   underlying  the  tragic signaling events  that are obvious and visible.


The  incomplete   explanations given for these various tragedies  NEED to be fixed ... with more accurate  models about Nature's  social process control FEEDBACK ERROR signal from Norris Hall mechanical engineering  and social engineering process control systems  (the REAL basis for the  battle ).

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