The 18 atomic families 500 year Naval WAR results in U.S.S Cole gulf attack and Cole Hall ocean class battlefield.


A review of the 560 year database of  Nature's GUT = Grand Unified  Theory of  physics provides interesting clues on the expression architecture of the periodic atomic table of elements.  The periodic atomic table has many formats of expression. One such FORMAT are atomic bio-physics humanoids with a symbolic processor that uses the brain bio-computer composed of atomic electron orbitals and the electron circuit configurations. Using your brain electron DA CIRCUIT --> Differential Amplifier  ... one can study social science events, accidents, tragedies  ....and amplify the  gestalt  database and study various similiarites and  differences.   Let's use this method to look at  a  concept that covers 560 years  ......  say 500+ years.


Brain circuits available at electronics stores.

Differential amplifier with adaptive biasing and offset cancellation 


  Let's use brain electron THOUGHT circuits  to look at  a  atomic family concept  (the water molecule used by the United States Navy) that covers 560 years  ......  say 500+ years  ...... say starting with Christoper Columbus ..year 1492/1493 and his journey across the ocean of salt water  ...with the atom molecule weight of water = 18.

Thus our major time frame is year 1500 to 2000 --> 500 years ..known as the S&P 500 on Wall Street ( S&P 500 = Special Projects 500 years).

 Thus the years 1453 thru year 2013 ...encompass our major time frame of 500 years  ..... the 4th wise man project  phase of  4 DNA TIME WAVES/TIDES of nucleotides  of the  2000 year project of Nature.


The GUT project that started in year 1453  ...... and  in year 1492/1493  came  the atomic table 18 families WATER molecule mass  18  voyage.


A Grand Unified Theory (GUT) is a model 
  1. Grand Unified Theory

    Jul 15, 2011 – The Grand Unified Theory is a vision of a physics theory that can combine three of the four fundamental forces into one single equation.


Grand Unified Theory - Universe Today


Apr 17, 2011 – Grand Unified Theory is a theory that seeks to accurately explain all ...It can be considered to be a step towards the ultimate theory of Physics.
Nature's projects work at the sub-conscious mind level. The sub-conscious MIND  thoughts need to rise to a level of conscious expression .....  thus  GUT and Tensor space/time projects of Nature selected   GUTENBERG  and the  year 1453 start date.   Also, year 1453   the 500 year DNA project started .....   thus year 1953 with Watson and Cricket.  In year 2013 ..... Cavendish Labs and the British government  continue their  intellectual insults  against NATURE 500 year DNA project  .... whose existence they deny.

Printing press - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The invention of printing is credited to Johannes Gutenberg in 1450 although earlier ..... A later work, the Mainz Psalter of 1453, presumably designed by Gutenberg but .... Within fifty or sixty years of the invention of the printing press, the entire ...


Gutenberg Press

Mar 10, 2008 – Johannes Gutenberg worked for 15 years perfecting his printing press. ... first printed Bible was printed on the Gutenberg Press in 1453 and is ...

Johannes Gutenberg
Born Johannes Gensfleisch zur Laden zum Gutenberg
c. 1398
Mainz, Electorate of Mainz
Died February 3, 1468 (aged 70)
Mainz, Electorate of Mainz


 The 2nd major player in the GUT 500+   year  drama was  agent COL --> Columns of the periodic atomic table elements of life  AND their selection of a  COL agent named Christopher Columbus.

Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus (Italian: Cristoforo Colombo; Spanish: Cristóbal Colón; Portuguese: Cristóvão Colombo; before 31 October 1451 – 20 May 1506) was an explorer, navigator, and colonizer, born in the Republic of Genoa, in what is today northwestern Italy.[2][3][4][5] Under the auspices of the Catholic Monarchs of Spain, he completed four voyages across the Atlantic Ocean that led to general European awareness of the American continents.

A New World: The First Voyage of Christopher Columbus (1492-1493)

latinamericanhistory.about.com › ... › The Voyages of Columbus
Christopher Columbus may have been looking for a new trade route to Asia when 
Photograph:Christopher Columbus' fleet of three ships sets sail from Spain in 1492. 

Christopher Columbus' fleet of three ships sets sail from Spain in 1492.


Christopher Columbus

Christopher Colum + bus

Christopher Column ---> atomic computer data bus agent




Group (periodic table) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In chemistry, a group (also known as a family) is a column of elements in the periodic table of the chemical  elements. There are 18 numbered groups in the ...
The 18 families needs representative .....
Thus atomic columns  human  names --> COL --> Columbus with Atlantic ocean water molecules
A chemistry molecule of weight 18 --> water molecule 18 representatives  (also, see year 1972 NixoN atomic square  matrix ..........  
rows/columns table with Watergate logic gate)
Above, represents the starting end of Nature's projects.
The atomic table columms represented by human name COL --> Columbus and water molecules of the Atlantic Ocean
The 18 families of the atomic table represnted by atomic molecule amss 18 ---> water molecules (see  Nixon and  the Watergate molecule  logic gate affair)
Now,  between year 1972 and 2013 .... we  have the other end   of the GUT  500+  year project.
Let's look at the tragic events that involve  proper nouns COL  ..abbreviation of word  Columns   AND events that involve water / ocean / ocean classrooms, etc.
----> Signaling EVENT

Columbine High School massacre

Colum..n...................... mass

Column.............atomic  mass

Columbine High School science class messages

The Columbine High School massacre was a school shooting which occurred on April 20, 1999, at Columbine High School in Columbine, an unincorporated area of Jefferson County in the State of Colorado. Two senior students, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, murdered a total of 12 students and one teacher.



----> Signaling EVENT

COL --> Columns of the atomic table for U.S. Navy  and their atom  theory of existence with Admiral Rickover --> (Trick) RICK over

Hyman G. Rickover - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

On 16 November 1973 Rickover was promoted to four-star admiral after 51 years of .... Admiral Rickover looking over USS Nautilus, the  world's first ...

The COL signal --> U.S.S. COLE  in the water molecule existence region ...the geography region of the Persion  Gulf  and Computer Earth I/O  = Indian Ocean.



 The above message was repeated for the U.S. Navy and the universities and corporations that build ships and submarines,etc.

Key brain concepts  above:    Cole and ocean water

Key brain concepts repeated: Cole Hall  and ocean class  in DeKalb, Illinois.


Northern Illinois University shooting - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Entrance to Cole Hall, morning after the shootings. ... Cole Hall (Auditorium 101) with approximately 120 students, where an oceanography class was in session.

Northern Illinois University shooting - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Entrance to Cole Hall, morning after the shootings. ..... did not leave a note that could help explain why he chose a geology class on Valentine's Day to open fire.

The Northern Illinois University shooting was a school shooting that took place on February 14, 2008, during which Steven Kazmierczak shot multiple people on the campus of Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, Illinois, United States, killing five and injuring twenty-one, before committing suicide.



Entrance to Cole Hall, morning after the shootings. explain why .. class on Valentine's

Entrance to Col   e =  Column electrons  atomic Hall,...  class on Valence theory anger expressions


outermost valence shell governs

outermost valence shell governs

outermost valence shell governs --> Valentine shells --> Valentine day messenger gun  bullet shells


Above .... we have the symbolic architecture signal  with 2  Halls .... named   H1   and   H2  .

Taking the above     H2   and the  O shown below  ---> Nature's  language signals  for  H2O.



Cole Hall, a lecture space at the center of campus, where the shooting reportedly took place.


Thus ....from an aerial point of  view  ...looking down at the Cole Hall building with 2 parts   ...
the partition of the interior of the Hall into  2 parts  ..H left and  H right  
with the outside circle symbol for Oxygen  ...... we see Nature's the  graphic arts  symbol for  the water molecule expressed on the geography surface of EARTH.


Thus we see super-symmetry physics and the mirrors and  parallels  .......

the  COLE Hall  ocean/water class   and the month  of February message     ......  a signal from year 2008 to year 2013  --->  
the atomic calendar month of
Fe  = Ferrous oxide atomic TIME ZONE  project ERROR  error messages from
Fe = February year 2008 (base 2 exponent 008 = 256)  TO
--> Fe = Ferrous oxide atomic agents at
Fe  = Ferrous oxide RD SITE known as Fe = FermiLAB.



Thus  the  intellectual journey of  the atomic COLUMN intellect of Nature  from  year 1492  Columbus, water, and King Ferdinand of the Spanish language TO  atomic Columns, FermiLab , and Pier Oddone Spanish from
the  atomic geography map ....the PERU equation --> Per + U --> periodic table element  U  = Uranium 238 with its atomic data processing awareness abilities of  atomic anthropology uranium isotopes(t)  235 problem.


Why does the Department of Energy deny these aspects of  GUT history and the GUT / TOE projects of the Margaret  Mead atomic nuclear family?


Thus we see pieces to a puzzle.   More work and thought  needs to be done.  That is  your intellectual task   .....  a  puzzle  .... hobby ... to keep your brain cells away from the cellular  phone nonsense. 


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