Periodic atomic matrices table ATTACKED by citizen world governments. The uranium 235 JESSE counter-attack VS the Hierarchy Problem violations of the Topeka physics department.



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  • Elements are presented in order of increasing atomic number (number of .... This is an 18-column periodic table layout, which has come to be referred to as the ...


Thus we see the atomic table ...matrix war ...started in 1972  .....
with  undercover   math-physics  agent President  NxN square matrices (NixoN).

The atomic table is like  a linear algebra array /matrix table.   Thus Nature created the 18-signal  ..... to be sent to humanoids that have a biology body with 60% water  ...and that recognize the WATER  molecular logic gate signal.....  NixoN  WATERGATE.  Let's translate this  atomic political science message from Nature. 


The Watergate scandal was a political scandal that occurred in the United States in the 1970s as a result of the June 1972 break-in at the Democratic National Committee headquarters at the Watergate office complex in Washington, D.C., and the Nixon administration's attempted cover-up of its involvement.





Watergate --> implies water molecule   18  ---->  implies 18 columns of the periodic atomic table ELEMENTS of life

Mass of One Water Molecule? - Yahoo! Answers

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2 answers - Oct 30, 2008
The answer says the mass of one water molecule is … ... 
that the mass of one water molecule would be the molecular mass of H2O, which is 18 ...


Thus the year 1972 NIXON water molecule 18 signal about the 18 columns of the atomic table....... with 18 multiply 4 ---> 72  giving   the  year 19 72 water molecule EVENT.   Thus row 4  of the 18 column TABLE may be an additional signal.




The message was repeated with the body of water.......human body  of  water ..... that is  President Ron Reagan and  the  bottled water .... Brand Name ... Hinckley ........ and the Darwinian symbolic selection of a human name ....selection of a proper noun assigned to a humanoid LAB specimen   ,,,in this case ...Nature's message experiment needed an EARTH LAB human specimen labeled:   Hinckley.   Thus the human computer selection process ....with the computer optimization od recognizable features of Nature's system  ..... the JR feature.... JOB Region ...... thus the bio-computer system TASK assigned the water message mission to

John Hinckley, JR --> JOB Region for  geography Base 16 address space of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. 

aztion featuree


Water properties: The water in you (Water Science for Schools)

Jan 10, 2013 – Up to 60% of the human body is water, the brain is composed of 70% water, and the lungs are nearly 90% water. Lean muscle tissue contains ...

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Bottle Nose Dolphin ---> to  Water Man    fact   | Contact Usa  | Hinckley  

Bottle Nose Dolphin NATURE's  message system --->   Watergate to  Hinckley 


John Hinckley, who shot Reagan, seeks more time outside hospital ...

Nov 30, 2011 – John Hinckley: A federal hearing began Wednesday morning on whether John Hinckley Jr., who shot and wounded President Ronald Reagan ...


Thus we see a  WATER  communications continuum of messages that are routinely ignored  by citizens, universities, corporations, and governments.

Does WATER exist?    
Do Americans live in some Hollywood version of .....let's  bypass REALITY and the  atomic  social science DATA SIGNAL?



Let's look at another  periodic atomic table.......Margaret  Mead atomic anthropology WAR message.


A uranium agent ...... Margaret Mead atomic social science messenger 

Kidnapper Jesse Dimmick sues his hostages for $235000 - Daily Mail

Nov 30, 2011 – Jesse Dimmick, of suburban Denver, is serving an 11-year sentence after bursting into Jared and Lindsay Rowley's Topeka home in Kansas in ...

String theory - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Flat space string theories are 26-dimensional in the bosonic case, while superstring and M-theories turn out to involve  11 dimensions for flat solutions.

Thus we have the IBM atomic computer  JES output report VIA an atomic bio-physics humanoid  output device ...that displays atomic society  messages VIA his  humanoid behavior.

Colorado kidnapper Jessie Dimmick sues victims for breaking 'oral ...

Nov 30, 2011 – A convicted  Colorado kidnapper is suing a couple he held hostage two ...Jessie Dimmick, 25, claims that Jared and Lindsay 
Rowley agreed to ...
Thus we have the periodic atomic table  .....AND the  Row/ Column war messages VIA the  human undercover agent for 11-dimensions --> 11-years for  Jesse Dimension ...a message for physics theorists to learn   simple  diplomatic communications theory  regarding curious data profiles.  

 Jessie Dimmick sues victims for breaking 'oral ...
Jes     Dim                          ims                    'oral ...
IBM JES Dimensions  ims --> info mgt system   oral --> empirical data  .... orbital  ....  physics applications and their newspaper  reports.

Thus we see that the copper-wire computer system 370 MODEL ...finds many applications in other dimensions of existence
.,...  from Nature's upgraded atomic computer systems  to COMPUTER EARTH system 370 with geography Base 16 address of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue ..... that denies the existence of the Base  16 oxygen LUNG processor.
Thus the uranium Operating System  of Nature .....and Nature's intellectual OS/JCL conflict with the OS = Office of Science  arrogance problem...
known as the Hierarchy Problem of the  Margaret  Mead atomic nuclear    family.

Also, the OS = OSLO , Norway intellectual snob problem  regarding their biased, incomplete and  LIE explanations of
the   UT = Unified Theory war at UTOYA ....
and NORWAY's   responsibility for continuing the  BIG LIE ...... the CAUSE that resulted in the EFFECT ---> the  shooting at LIEGE, Belgium. 

 Thus we see the ATTACK upon the periodic atomic table ....and  the silence of  universities and the Department  of Energy. 

They  like to play dumb  ...... which is impossible to do in year 2013 ...with all the information available  in basic college math and science  textbooks,

Perhaps, they are hypnotized .....a possibility that   BRAVE NEW WORLD  warned us about.


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